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In this, the second chapter of my venture into the murky depths of blogging, I shall talk of my favoured type of game, RPG's or Roleplaying games. I'm a big fan of western RPG's, though thus far I have been limited to the console, not counting my early Runescape years. Oh, and I'm not saying a thing about Dungeons and Dragons, I'd like to keep that to my androgynous brother and his strange friends to explore.

The first RPG I really got into was The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I first played it at my birthday party several years ago to give it a try, and I loved it, getting it immediately after (thank you Mr. McGee). Oblivion was one of those games where you could do pretty much anything you felt like doing. My first character was a Khajiit (a cat person), setting off into the world, generally testing things out and getting into trouble. After a week or two, halfway into the questline of the Dark Brotherhood, I accidentally deleted the save. Bugger.

So, after much deliberation, I created what would become my favourite character, and pretty much the basis for many others in future fantasy RPG's, Elgast the Mage. Elgast was a Breton, a group of vaguely frenchy, magicky types, and true to his name, was a Mage, or at least until I got stuck on a quest, gave up and decided to kill a bunch of people, ascending the ranks of the Fighters Guild, Dark Brotherhood, the Arena, and actually completing the main storyline while I was at it. Eventually this serial killer returned, completed what he was destined to do, and then had a crack at that bastard Thieves Guild, that to this very day he has never gotten through, due to a now-unfixable glitch that resulted in not only a controller-shaped dent in the wall, but the Hood of the game's Master Thief being stolen.

Well, I think that maybe that is enough about my Oblivion characters, and onto some cool things about other RPG's. I don't play Oblivion any more really. Elgast killed them. He killed everyone in the game. : (

Fallout is another experience from those lovely people at Bethsheda that I enjoy. One thing I really love about RPG's is the power to choose. In Oblivion, it didn't matter whether you were good or evil, you had to do the 'right thing' and help Martin become the next ruler. Well, it doesn't exactly go as planned, but the good guys still win. In Fallout, however, no one can be considered 'good' or 'evil', with a few exceptions. In Fallout 3, you are faced with the water purifier that will bring life to the wasteland. Cue the Enclave, who are made out, as usual, to be evil, and their president, who wants you to poison the water, only allowing 'pure humans' to live.

Now, I didn't do that. Why? Because it was evil. Stupidly evil. There wasn't even any kind of good behind it. I didn't want to die! It just seemed to be a dick thing to do, anyway. Afterwards, in the Broken Steel Add-On, I was given the option of unleashing an Orbital Bombardment on the base of the people I had been fighting alongside, 4 teh evu1z, or blasting the base of the Enclave, who hated me, and were pretty much fucked anyway. Oh, and there was also that 'town-nuking business'. I blew it up on one character, but there didn't seem to be any reasoning behind it other than: "One English Stereotype thought it was an eyesore and decided to send Lucien Lachance/Mr. Burke to deal with it'.

Well, It's almost 1am, and I'm tired. So in my next post I shall discuss choice in video games.

My Quote of the day:

Ignatio Riveras: Are you a maker or war, or of peace?
Courier (1 Intelligence): Pizza
Ignation Riveras: That's reassuring, although many who've made that claim over the years have had less than purer intentions.
Me: What?

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