Thursday, 21 July 2011

In the beginning, there were words...

Greetings to all who may have wandered into this strange place. My name is Brodie. In some social circles, a 'Lord' is put in beforehand, or a '-001' afterwards. Here, I think that Brodie will suffice.

I have always enjoyed writing various things, be it my amazing 9-page story I wrote when I was 10, or my equally amazing 4 page story I wrote when I was 15 (It had a dog in it, I got an A for that), or even my very very long piece of Halo Fanfiction, still in progress since this February, writing has been something I felt I was always reasonably good at. That and video games.

Ah yes, video games. It was in fact gaming that would give me inspiration for such stories. My story at 10? Based off of RuneScape, the addiction me and my friends all succumbed to in Junior School. The amazing adventures of me, Chick777888, along with my trusty friends Berty46 and SEngland9 would be what made me create that odd work of fantasy, that would almost certainly end up in some kind of legal case if I ever tried to get it published.

My second 'epic' was based mainly off of one of my favourite films, 28 Days  Later, with some Fallout 3 added in there. I'm actually quite proud of my work, methinks that there would be no such legal case, I had disguised it reasonably well; it could pass off for original work. Probably. Oh, and you need no guesses about the inspiration for my Halo work.

By now, those who may be still be reading this, somehow not distracted by better blogs, youtube, and seedy websites may be thinking. "Wait a minute, this guy is just gonna be talking about video games! I don't wanna know about his K/D ratio on Call of Duty, he's probably some fat crackhead pale psychotic recluse with no friends!" To that, I answer that I am neither fat, nor a crackhead, nor an absolute recluse. Many people can find video games a boring thing for mindless zombies and annoying kids, something EVIL.

Well, I am inclined to disagree. I play video games a lot when I'm not out, and I haven't decided to walk into school with an AK-47 (with ACOG Sight and Blue Tiger camo, obviously), and go on a killing spree. They are, in my opinion, a way of enjoyment. And anyway, I left school nearly 2 months ago, I've missed my window of oppurtunity.

I think I shall end this up with my video game quote of the day:

"Some people call them Demons, I call them bitches!"
-Bourbon, Metro 2033 (RIP)

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